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Payments are protected with PCI DSS 3.2

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Payouts every 24 hours
Configure withdrawal limits or make instant payouts
Build your store without coding

Sell online courses, blog ads, or digital products. Just add a description of the product or service and send the payment link to a customer. 

Split transaction fee

Transaction fee-splitting between the payer and the seller allows reducing the cost of services. 

Mass payouts

Send rebates, earnings, commissions, rewards, or incentives to freelancers, developers, customers, or users around the world. Great for CPA networks, credit organizations, delivery, or logistic companies.  

Make subscriptions like a Pro

Build all your subscription logic as you need it. Bill daily, weekly, monthly, annually - or use your calendar and get paid recurrently.


payments to your shop or service with support from popular CMS platforms. Try our easy integration for instant money payments.

difficult tasks with our easy to use API. That's all your need to start accept payments.
What problems can be solved by our Service?
How much does it cost?

After verification transfer fee is 5.3% but the minimum amount is 3.5 EUR. Without verification, the transfer fee is 4.9% and 1 EUR minimum. Exact rates could be seen during link creation.

How does it work?

You can create a payment link and get money from customers around the world. Money goes directly to your balance, and you can payout it to your card, QIWI wallet or bank account

Can someone pay using a mobile phone?

Yes, you can easily do it. Payments work via the Internet in a browser on any device including smartphones.

Is it safe?

Yes, your data is protected and encrypted according to the best industry-standard PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1.

What should I do if my payment is failed?

Please check that your bank allows online payments and try again.

Can I refund a payment?

Payments are not refundable and there are no chargebacks for money transfers.

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