Online payments for individuals

Receive payments through your website, on social media, and within messenger apps.

Start accepting payments
Fee starts from 0.9%
For international business
Set up currency that suits your needs.
US dollars
Create a shop without hiring a web-developer

Sell online courses, blog ads, or digital goods. Just add a product or service and send the link to the customer. 

Create shop
Split commission fees

Configure transaction fee-splitting between payer and seller to increase the revenue.

Split fee
Mass payouts

Can be used by individuals, freelancers, bloggers, or developers. For CPA networks, logistic, and delivery companies.

Configure mass payouts
Reccuring payments

Build subscriptions with a fixed schedule and accept payments: weekly, monthly, yearly, or as convenient. 

Create subscription
Auto payouts

Schedule a payout once a day to your card, bank account or a QIWI wallet. Set up automatic withdrawals upon reaching a certain amount.

Setup withdrawals
Automate payment acceptance
We support the most popular CMS platforms. You can implement our CMS modules in minutes, even without special knowledge.
Solve complex problems
Our API is easy to integrate with your online store. That's all your need to start accepting payments.
What is our service for?
How does it work?

We debit the sender's card and credit your balance simultaneously at the moment of a transfer. In most cases, your balance will be credited within one minute. Our platform is connected to the global banking network and every transfer is sent instantly. 

Can someone pay using a mobile phone?

Yes, you can easily do it. Payments work via the Internet in a browser on any device including smartphones.

Is it safe?

Yes, your data is protected and encrypted according to the best industry-standard PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1.

What should I do if my payment is failed?

Please check that your bank allows online payments and try again. We hold money on a payer's card until successful payout confirmation.

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