How to create a payment link |

Payment link creation

  1. Within the dashboard, click the Create link menu point.
  2. The link configuration page will open.
  3. Choose card were payments will be sent.
  4. Choose Link type. The One-time link is limited for one payment. The Reusable link accepts an infinite number of payments.
  5. Choose who will define the payment amount you or the payer. If you then specify the amount.
  6. Name your link to see analytics.
  7. Choose what information should be collected from the payer. 
  8. Use the checkbox if you want to be notified by email when you get paid. 

  9. Click Create payment link button and you will see payment link. 

  10. Copy and send link to the payer, or share with social networks, or show QR-code to the payer.
  11. After the payment, the money will be sent to your card instantly.