How to create a payment link?

Payment link creation

  1. Click the Create payment link button
  2. The sidebar where you can set your payment link parameters will appear.

  3. Choose the Link type. The One-time link is limited to only one payment. With the Multiple payments link, you can accept an infinite number of payments. Note, that you need to purchase the cardlink subscription and verify your account to create Multiple payments link.

  4. Choose who will define the payment amount: you or the payer.

  5. If it's you then, specify the sum and the currency.

  6. You can define who will pay the transaction fee. When your customer pays the fee, you will receive the exact sum you set for the link. Otherwise, you will receive the sum minus the fee.

  7. Name your link so your clients would know what's they're paying for. It also helps you to analyze your sales and identify your payment links.

  8. Choose what information you wish to collect from your customer before payment.

  9. Use the checkbox if you want to be notified by email when you get paid. 

  10. If you want your client to receive an item that you store on your server or in online storage, for example, Google Drive, or sent to a web page after successful payment, check the Redirect user after successful payment checkbox. Then fill in the form below with the URL of your link. It's useful if you sell courses, PDF documents, zip archives, and more.

  11. Click generate payment link click Create payment link.

  12. Share the payment link URL via social media, messenger apps, or just show the QR-code to your customer in person.
  13. After successful payment, you will receive funds to your account.