If you need to send funds from your account directly to someone's card, the Payout feature lets you do that manually in your account, or automatically via our API. Note that automatic payout via API is locked by default. To unlock it, please contact our support in the chat. allows you to send funds from your account to a credit or debit card. You can send funds to cards of your clients, freelancers or staff.

Manual Payout

  1. Press Send payment

  2. Fill out the fields in the side menu:
  • Available - shows the available balance. You can't send more than this value.
  • Recipient card - In this field you need to enter the full card number of the funds recipient's card.
  • Recipients full name - Here you enter the first and the last name of the recipient, the way it's typed on his card.
  • You send - the amount of rubles you send to the recipient. Rubles, is the only currency available at the moment.
  • Comment for yourself (recipient will not see) - Just a memo to know what's the payment was for, that only you will see.

3. After you press Send the payout request is send to our team, and after the review of your request we will approve it. In some cases we can contact you for additional details.

Sent payouts

All the payouts you've ever sent will be visible on the Main page of your account under the Sent tab with all the information regarding your payouts.