"Shop isn't finished" status

Website requirements

To help us make a positive decision to connect your website to the Cent.app payment processing, the following criteria must be met:

The site must comply with our terms of use. You can see them in the Requirements for projects section.

1. All links on all pages of the website must lead to the corresponding pages and perform the corresponding functions.

2. The site should have a Contacts section where your customers can learn how to contact you.

3. Not necessarily, but will significantly speed up the reviewing process of your website, mentioning the person who has registered in our service with identification documents.

4. If the website provides user registration, it should work, as well as the functionality of the personal account.

5. If the website implies a showcase for goods or services, the store will not be approved until the goods, their price and description, are present on the pages of the website.

6. Conditions and procedure for the refund and cancellation of the Goods / Services.

7. Information about the payment procedure and rules.

8. User agreement.

9. Personal data processing policy.

Requirements for social media communities in added projects

Requirements for projects with social media pages are similar to those for websites. In addition, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The community must contain up-to-date contact information and enable the ability to write a message.
  2. There must be activity in the community (presence of subscribers, news, etc.).
  3. The community should be opened.